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Professional Triathlete 

Photo Korupt Vision

Kiwi long course triathlete with a first class Honors in Chemical and Material Engineering who has the the long term goal of racing and winning full distance Ironman events. 
Born: Croydon England 26th July 1989

Live: Waiuku New Zealand since he was 5

Height/weight: 188cm (6'2'')/73kg

Mark started triathlon at the early age of 12 after his older brother James said he was getting fat (was going through a computer game phase). For the next few years he mainly competed in multisport team events and the odd sprint triathlon. Once he moved on to high school he decided he didn’t like relying on others in the team and started competing individually with some success, like podiums at regional triathlon/duathlon and multisport events. His biggest success at high school was winning the NZ Multisport champs (Kayak instead of swim). Which is ironic as for many years he was only good at the swim portion of a triathlon and went backwards after that. 

He had that light bulb moment around 17-18 where he learnt how to suffer on the bike and soon became a very good cyclist (along with a lot of hard work). It wasn’t until 2009 until he had that next aahh moment. He had flown to Perth Australia just before second year university exams started and came away with the win in the 20-24 world long course champs (had just turned 20). It was after that he decided he wanted to give being a professional triathlete a crack. He still had 2 years of his degree left so he continues to work hard and train hard and ended up graduation with first class honors in Chemical and Material Engineering from the University of Auckland (2011). 

Literally 3 weeks after graduating Mark was hit by a car, which initially didn’t seen so bad but ended up putting him out for a year and resulted in needing ITB and hamstring surgery on the left leg. So 2012 was written off.

2013 and 14 he focused on qualifying for the big money race Hy-Vee in Des Moines Iowa with the odd 70.3 in there. Those races never went that great with results in the low 20's. Also in 2013 he qualified for the World 70.3 Champs in Las Vegas so he extended his trip to incorporate this event. Out of the 56 starters Mark was the youngest on the start line and finished 27th. But it was his first stint overseas and come September he had learnt a lot but was very home sick.

In 2015 Mark's one and only focus was to get some good 70.3 results and it showed. Mark raced 12 Half ironman distance events which resulted in 4 podiums including 2 wins (first 70.3 win). Six of those times he had the fastest bike and lead off.

Finally 2016 is still all about the 70.3 distance with the goal to go back to 70.3 worlds and place in the top 10. But Mark did start the year differently and raced his first Ironman in a time of 8.29.38.

Mark is extremely passionate about sport and loves what he is lucky enough to do day in day out.

Thank you.