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Professional Triathlete 

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Comprehensive Traithlon Coaching
I have always wanted to dip my toes into the triathlon coaching world, but when I do something I like to do it right so I have waited until I fully believe I can be a good coach and really help others with my knowledge of triathlon. I have been in triathlon since I was 12 years old and racing around the world as a professional since 2012. I really believe coaching is as much an art as it is science (and numbers). I will always be a student of the sport but I want to start helping others experience the joys of triathlon and endurance sport.
Fully Personalized coaching plan
Unlimited access via email, Training Peaks and phone
From Sprint distance to Ironman
  1. Weekly Programs
    I will use Training Peaks for weekly programs. This platform allows you to upload training data from everyday training for me to monitor and comment on and adjust future training if need be
  2. Race tips, equipment and nutrition advice
    Having been in the sport for many years I have built up a lot of knowledge that I would like to use to help others achieve their sporting goals. This can range from racing tactics/pacing to nutritional advice and equipment choices
  3. My Sponsors Discount
    I am working with my sponsors to offer my athletes discounts on their products
  4. Engineering and Sporting mind
    Being a graduate Chemical engineer I do have a love for numbers. This translates over to triathlon now that we have so may ways to measure and record performances. I love analysing the data from training and have read many books and articles on training with power. That combined with my own trail and error as a professional triathlete should help me be a better coach
I'm here to help and guide. Contact me through the contact page or via, facebook.